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A rambling review of topics ranging from the University of Kentucky Wildcats Men's Basketball team to rampant voter apathy, these two guys talk about everything between heaven and hell, religion to relapse and somehow manage to slip in a few pearls of wisdom along the way. Not really, though.

Three words
Memorandum of Understanding

One Date (After the Houston loss)
December 19, 2008

One hope
-3083 days to go....

UK Banner upside down
Upcoming UK Men's Basketball games:

News headlines from Google
Gillispie contract similar to Knight's but lower than deal with Kentucky - LubbockOnline.com (Fri, 25 Mar)   (Google Ref)

Billy Gillispie Isn't Done With Kentucky Either - Deadspin (blog) (Thu, 28 May)   (Google Ref)

Winter 2007 Update:
The KAGS Podcast was put on hold during the "Tubby Years" due to court-imposed restraint orders on both K and G -- a few of their "debates" became "potentially and verifiably injurious to the public at large, both in physical, audible, emotional and moral measures".

With the departure of Tubby to greener, more frozen pastures, the KAGS Nation hoped for a thawing and spring-like renewal of the podcast. Alas, not all dreams come to true, which may explain Billy Gillispie's maiden voyage so far in the 2007/2008 season.
During the DCRE Labs' 2007 Winter Conference, the staff of KAGS held a conference call (and texting session) during which it was decided that there was "as yet insufficient evidence to warrant the renewal of the podcast" and "lacking a clear improvement," there was no "reasonable grounds for requesting the reversal of court mandates" which would lead to a new set of KAGS episodes.

However, all parties agreed to a potential resumption date1:
December 19, 2008
-3083 days to go....

Stay tuned.....

RSS podcast feed which is now available.
  1. The Introduction Show is available: Text -- Podcast

  2. The Second Show Kondor's Revenge is available: -- Podcast


Useful links:
  • Gillipsie's Contract remains unsigned
  • UK Basketball schedule
  • UK Basketball schedule news (UKAthletics.Com)
  • UK Basketball page from ESPN

    Notable quotes:

  • "Tubby sucks." -- G, 1/10/06 commenting on the loss to Vanderbilt, first time Vandy ever beat UK at Rupp
  • "He's been there [ planted under the basket ] so long, he's roasting marshmellows and putting the smores together!" -- K, 1/29/06 referring to a charge taken by Kentucky
  • "The trick to defending Kentucky's home court is....better defending" -- Tubby Smith, channeling George W. Bush (quote from Lexington Herald, 11/27/06, commentary by G.)
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